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Conservative Party Destroy UK Film Industry

<  Conservative Party Destroy UK Film Industry

This week the new Tory-Lib Dem Government cut funds to the UK Film Council, set up in 2000 by the Labour Government as a non-departmental public body to develop and promote the film industry within the United Kingdom, films like Bend it Like Beckham, Gosford Park, Fish Tank or Sex Lives of the Potato Men, who will now invest? What is the state of the British Film Industry? Does the UK film industry have a future? How can we expect British Cinema to be able to compete and find new talents when the Tory-Lib Dem Government abolish a the only major player in the film industry in the UK?

Over the last ten year very few films were funded by the UK Film Council, only the elite of film producers and director had any access to funding from the UK Film Council, unless you were Mike Leigh, Danny Doyle the nepotism run deep within the UK film industry, it’s policies were mostly disastrous, staffed by mediocre slim-balls open in their contempt for the film makers who loved their jobs only for the inflated salaries, the organization was pompous, very lazy, slow and altogether partisan, and without critical insight or a commercial instinct, a lot of aspiring film makers will lose a livelihood that was quite frankly a struggle to begin with in this country, this news will encourage the already huge migration of anyone in the UK film industry to the United States, and seedy world of Los Angeles.

So will the British Film Institute undergo a shift in priorities in order to take the strain.

A total of 183 films are listed on IMDB but about 900 films were produced by the UK Film Council over the last ten years, with funds provided by UK National Lottery, out of the 900 films made only a few were Horror movies and one of them was the sequel 28 Weeks Later, investing in digital cinemas which has given Britain the most digital screens of any European country, As Variety reports, the UK Film Council has 75 staff, and roughly invested more than £160 million ($248 million) in Lottery funds over the past ten years, generating £700 million ($1 billion) at the box office worldwide.

Tim Bevan of the UK Film Council calls the move a “bad decision, People will rightly look back on today’s announcement and say it was a big mistake, driven by short-term thinking and political expediency, British film, which is one of the UK’s more successful growth industries, deserves better.

It is obvious the Tories are looking to take the UK back to the same level as the 1980’s under Margaret Thatcher making as many people as possible unemployed and also have no hope from oncoming onslaught of European migration, asylum seekers and illegal immigration plus moving jobs from the UK to India and the Far East, and tax increases in recoded levels, unlike the 1980’s we have no Coal Mining Unions striking over job losses to save the country.

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8 Responses to “Conservative Party Destroy UK Film Industry”

Mister Frost

We all know that the UK Film Council funded mostly terrible films and crappy middle class period dramas, BBC and C4 dross, and done it’s best not to support new and upcoming British filmmakers, instead repeatedly funding directors like Mike Leigh and Ken Loach who are already cinema veterans, how many remakes of Jane Austen books do we really need each year.

Hollywood killed the UK film industry when Margaret Thatcher Conservative Government got rid of the Eady tax concession on imports, which help UK film maker produce many cult masterpieces.

The concession made it possible for a foreign film company to write off a large amount of its production costs by filming in the UK — this was what attracted a succession of blockbuster productions to British studios in the 1970s. With Eady gone many studios closed or focused on television work.

Also Tory-Lib Dem have said they will cut deeper than Margaret Thatcher.


The UK film council has become an obnoxious joke long before they axe ’em, handing money over to American film makers, There I gone and said it.

Vice is my Name

You just have to look at what a failure it been to back any new independent and British’ productions, the biggest successes have been co-productions where they have dug a hole and filled it with cash for established international American producers and studios.


Until everyone in UK has access to UK films funding the system will still remain unfair and will also favour named filmmakers and outside productions, axing the UKFC was pointless, it just made 100 times harder for film-makers to find any funding inside the UK, and the only people to gain from this will be Hollywood, not the tax payers.

What they don’t see is a commercially failing doesn’t necessarily mean an artistic failure, ok so a guaranteed return on investment on UK films is a tremendously difficult equation to make work in a strictly commercial sense, when UK cinemas never show UK films, the last film I seen at the cinema was Shifty (2008) in a run down cinema with a rip down the screen and film look like it was playing from DVD, the film was boring and the same old story of a crack cocaine dealer in London, much like the British Film Industry which still lives in the past, why fund something that BBC makes and shows on TV three or four times a week on TV for free.


Fish Tank is a good example of British film making, it is boring, totally squalid and longing in pointlessness and this comes from someone who has spent a lot of time watching art-house cinemas, and very bad movies.

Talking Clock

thanks god crap like Lesbian Vampire Killers will no longer be made!

Examining Body

If you don’t invest in filmmakers, producers and directors at the start of their careers, or even help them get started and just throw everything to the commercial jackals you’ll just end up with the utter drivel that Hollywood pumps out each week.


If all these immigrants are so wonderful and super hard working and to contribute so much to society in general, why come to America and Britain rather than contribute to your own societies and countries from which they come? Surely their countries could benefit from such wonderful productive citizens.

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