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This is just a quick update about a few things on the website, first Maniac and Maniac The Revenge have both been digitally re-mastered from the original master tapes, the last edition were taking from a lousy u-Matic master and to say the image quality was questionable was a understatement, anybody who ordered the first edition on DVD will be sent a the two replacement disc in the next few weeks.

Our first 1080p HD film is just about compete, and we are about to start testing the Blu-Ray disc for compatibility, reading a few forums about the issue, it seems a lot of brand name players can’t play burned disc without encryption on the discs which is something we don’t have access to, so it seems that our first HD feature film may only come out on the DVD format.

A few weeks ago “Pop Hak” emailed us about a bootleg DVD from china called Death Cemetery which is a renamed copy of our film The Graveyard of Death which is infact just the workprint from disc two of the Limited Edition and not the full 96 minutes edition, so keep a eye out for that.

Nightmare of the Living Dead is just about finished too, a lot of video filtering has been done on the raw footage to improve visual quality of the film, just as with Zombie Ferox was our first test of this software, we hope to offer the best reconstruction of the film possible for the new DVD.

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Brian Corder

Interesting movie. I’ll definitely look Into the Underground. Hehe!

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