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Vipco closing down at the end of December

<  Vipco closing down at the end of December

I agree with the fact that some of their marketing strategies were more than suspicious because of wrong marketing information as in the so-called UNCUT versions, they stated them to be Original UK cinema Versions with no additional cuts and forgot to mention that the cinema versions were already heavily butchered by the BBFC.

If I can recall correctly VIPCO distributed their uncut prints to Denmark and some other Euro country where they didn’t had to be worried about censorship issues or importing being illegal, they were never known for high-quality releases often using half-inch, three-quarter inch masters and sometimes Ex-rental VHS tapes, but never anything in Anamorphic widescreen.

I think they really do deserves some respect in putting out UNCUT versions of films not available in whole world, it’s just we never got to see them.

Vipco Video DvD

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Marina Kidding

the old standby VIPCO is to blame for this one.

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