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The Shorts Collection


All the best shorts films from digital nasties productions.

The Shorts Collection

1. The Fools of Mirror 9 (1996)
2. Eric (1996)
3. The Woods of Death (1997)
4. The Woods of Death (2006) Remastered
5. **************
6. Evel Cat (2004)
7. **************
8. Hell Day (2006)
9. Evel Cat 666 (2006)
10. Project Sweet Death (2009) Trailer
11. Iranian Alucard: The Prince of Darkness
12. Iranian Alucard: The Prince of Darkness [Behind the Scenes]
13. Iranian Alucard The Prince of Darkness [Photo Shoot]

Plus Two Music Videos From il Kommander Gelatinoso Ninja

1. The Snow (2004)
2. The Clouds (2005)

Bonus Videos

1. The Blue Screen of Death (2006)
2. The Black Screen of Freeze (2006)
3. The Blue Screen of Death V2 (2006)

This release is coded for Region 0 and the NTSC video format and is compatible with all players in the United States, United kingdom and Worldwide.

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